Falls 'everyman' Mislang earns distinguished service award

Known as 'the voice of Menomonee Falls athletics'

Nov. 18, 2012

Menomonee Falls - Jerry Mislang would like to see himself as the "everyman," just one good guy out of numerous good guys trying to make life a little better in their respective communities.

But the longtime "voice of Menomonee Falls athletics" for his tireless work announcing almost all high school sporting events in the village is so much more than that. In the eyes of many people, he is far more than just an "everyman."

He is an exceptional man.

And his efforts were recognized in a profound way recently, when he was honored with the Wisconsin Athletic Director's Association Distinguished Service Award for District 7. He was nominated by recently retired Menomonee Falls Athletic Director Dave Petroff, who, in his comments, said this about the outgoing and energetic Mislang.

"Jerry Mislang has been a tireless worker and active supporter of Menomonee Falls Athletics over the past 10 years. … (he) is an invaluable community volunteer who gives freely of his time and talents in support of Menomonee Falls athletics and the school district of Menomonee Falls."

"When Dave told me I had been nominated and won, I was stunned," Mislang said. "I was so humbled about it. There were many things that made it extra special."

Including the fact that several of his family members, including his wife, Kathy, and his daughter and grandson made it up to the ceremonies in Wisconsin Dells along with current Falls Athletic Director Ryan Anderson and volleyball coach JC Bruns. The fact that his late friend and longtime Falls' athletic volunteer John Cassidy had also received similar honors before his passing was an added bonus, too.

"It was amazing when you got up there and looked at the achievements of all the other people who have been honored with this," Mislang said. "This really isn't about ourselves. We actually represent a lot of guys who are doing a lot of stuff for their communities."

Lending a hand

Among Mislang's other activities (when he finds the time) is working as many freshmen and junior varsity activities as he can as well as being president of the Falls Athletic Booster Club, raising more than $158,000 in a three-year span. He has also been greatly involved in the village Capital Improvement Campaign helping raise more than $1 million for a new track, stadium entrance, press box and scoreboard.

He's served as an organizer for countless fundraisers for the CIC and works hard with the district's annual scholarship foundation auction as well as with several elementary school PTA fundraisers. He is also a member of the Falls Optimists and is a committee chairman for the Falls junior post prom.

He has also coached freshmen girls basketball teams in summer leagues for several years and coached in total 78 different youth basketball, softball and soccer teams.

Where indeed does he find the time?

Trick of the trade

He does admit to one little trick if he has a long night of announcing ahead of him.

"I won't drink anything after 3 p.m. so I can stay in the booth," he said. "I'm often there from 5:30-9 p.m. so it can get a little hectic (and hard to get to the bathroom).

"Seriously, I enjoy this. If I didn't enjoy this, I wouldn't be doing it," he added. "I get to run into so many people I wouldn't otherwise see and I get a kick out of what the kids think of me.

"I try not to be late for things, but it has happened a couple of times this past year and one time when that happened and I walked through the door the kids yelled 'Yeah, he's here, everything is going to be all right!'

"Stuff like that just makes us all look good."

An exceptional man, representing every man, indeed.

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