Germantown star Fischer heads to Marquette

Former Germantown all-state center Luke Fischer (right) will now head to Marquette after transferring from Indiana last week.

Former Germantown all-state center Luke Fischer (right) will now head to Marquette after transferring from Indiana last week. Photo By Dave Haberkorn

Jan. 6, 2014

Will 2013 Germantown state basketball player of the year Luke Fischer find happiness at Marquette?

We'll know in about a year or so.

Fischer, a mobile, talented and active 6-foot-11 post had committed to Indiana his junior year and was enthusiastic about it. He then went about to help lead the Warhawks to back-to-back WIAA state titles. He then went off to Indiana last fall, worked his way into the rotation on a rebuilding team and even scored 10 points in a recent game.

Then came early last week when over Twitter came the stunning revelation that he was transferring out of Indiana at semester and heading elsewhere. Rumors that he was a bit homesick flew about with the eventual language coming from his father Jim being that "It (Indiana) just wasn't a good fit."

Many choices for schools

Various schools were said to be in the mix but other Big 10 Conference institutions were ruled out ("out of respect for Indiana" was one story). If Fischer were to have done that, he would not have been eligible for effectively a season and a half because of Big 10 rules.

As it stands, he will be eligible in December, as he made the announcement last weekend that it was the Big East Conference Marquette team and coach Buzz Williams that won the Fischer sweepstakes.

Germantown coach Steve Showalter said that "out of respect" for his own busy schedule during the prep basketball season, the Fischer family deliberately funneled any additional questions to Fischer's AAU coach and not to Showalter.

Showalter said that the Fischer family was keeping information close to the vest but did note that there were no personal issues with Indiana coach Tom Crean, who was coach at Marquette before jumping to Indiana several years ago in a controversial move that still has some Golden Eagles' fans sore.

"That's part of the reason why I haven't been answering the phone a lot in the last few days," said Showalter, who said he has not spoken to Fischer personally about the matter. "I just didn't have a lot of information."

But what's done is done, and as we all know, life can be chaotic and messy, especially for a gifted 19-year-old who may be regretting the first major decision of his adult life.

Coaching similarities

On the surface, this appears to be a good fit. Williams runs a high-octane, up-tempo style attack which should suit the mobile and athletic Fischer (who was also an all-state volleyball player while at Germantown) to a "T". Verbose, intelligent and demanding, Williams in some respects has a bit of the same personality as Showalter and led Marquette to an NCAA Tournament Elite 8 finish last season.

We'll see if it works. MU fans are certainly hoping so. The Golden Eagles haven't had as diverse and talented a big man like Fischer in decades. Showalter used him as the backstop on the devastating Germantown press and opposing players who got through just found no where to go or their shots were swatted back to mid-court.

All we know now is that Fischer will be close to home, to his circle of friends and to fans who know his name and reputation. We can only hope that this friendly, articulate and sincere individual has truly found a basketball and academic home.

He'll have a lot of backers, including one who demanded a lot of him back in Germantown.

"I care about the kid," said Showalter, "and I know he's OK mentally and physically. Now he just needs to get his future set. If he gets his basketball and his academics straight, he'll be just fine."

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