Senior night is coming for Warhawks boys

Emotional night in store for Showalter family

Feb. 13, 2012

Germantown - No one knows if Time Warner Channel 32's broadcast unit is going to televise the senior night ceremonies for the Germantown boys basketball team Thursday night as part of its coverage of the game against Nicolet, but if they do, it just may be interesting to see if they pan over to coach Steve Showalter for just a second when they're introducing his son, Zak.

Just for a second mind you.

"Well, the way we do it on senior night, we'll have things written down and read by the announcer," coach Showalter said, "because if I have to do that (introduce Zak) I'll cry and I don't like to cry."

See, even famous tough guys recognize an emotional moment when they see one.

"We've had special groups before, but this one is unique," the coach said.

Yes, it is, because the four years have gone by quickly for Zak, the all-state guard and all-time leading scorer for Germantown. He and point guard Josh Mongan have been on varsity for all four years and have been on teams that have compiled, through last Friday, an imposing combined record of 82-12. Along with fellow senior, center Dan Studer, they have been playing almost nonstop together since sixth grade.

"Maybe a 1,000 games worth of experience together," coach Showalter guessed after the Warhawks' 93-63 rout of Milwaukee Lutheran on Friday that improved the top-ranked squad to 11-0 in North Shore play and 19-0 overall.

Zak Showalter, Mongan and Studer will be joined by Jimmy Doedens, Tyler and Troy Heaney, Brian Keller, Zack Kumbier and Matt Schultz as among the senior honorees.

"It's been special coaching my own kids (Jake is a sophomore guard on the varsity, too)," coach Showalter said, "but in a way, they've all (all his players) have felt like my own kids. … You still get anxious, you still get excited waiting to see what happens next.

"I talked to Zach Neumann (starting forward on the 2007-08 Germantown state tournament team) and his parents the other night," coach Showalter said, "and we talked about how the time goes by so fast. As a parent and a coach, it's so hard to enjoy the moment, and so sad, too.

"But I'm just so darn proud of all that we've done together."

At a glance

UP NEXT: The Warhawks took on Port Washington (4-7, 8-11) on Tuesday for what would be their 20th straight win and their 44th over the last two seasons and can clinch at least a tie for their third straight (and fifth in the last six years) North Shore Conference title with a victory over Nicolet (2-9, 4-15) on Thursday. After struggling out of the gate, the Knights have a full lineup now and have won two of their last three games.

LUTHERAN NOTES: It was 31-16 at the quarter and then as coach Showalter said, the Warhawks went on one of their "famous runs" that have become so common this season. "We got turnovers and they were taking the shots we wanted them to take," he said. "We were running very well tonight."

The impressive Warhawks turned in an even more impressive number, as a total of six players broke into double figures. They included Zak Showalter with 18 points and 10 assists, Mongan and Studer with 14, Evan Wesenberg with 13 (and 11 rebounds), Jon Averkamp with 12 and Jake Showalter 10.

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