Germantown Hall of Fame looking for inductees, committee chairman

Oct. 10, 2011

Germantown - The Germantown Athletic Hall of Fame Committee is looking for two nominees for this year's induction as well as a chairman for the committee itself.

Past inductees include the following: 2006 Amy Nickel Miller and Lew Potter; 2007 Amy Justesen Meinholz and James (Justy) Justesen; 2008 Brandie Lauterbach Kottmeyer and Jerry Vance; 2009 Kris Kuells Tsakonas and Paul Wagner and 2010 Melissa Loehndorf Woltz and Terry Stephan.

Among those whose names have been offered in nomination for the hall include Jackie Aiken, Randy Nickel, Mike Neumann, Jason Olejniczak, John Ferguson, Mike Neumann, Ken Imig, Jeff Bartowiak, Aaron Smith, Ross Mueller, Parrish Wagner and Joe Bavlnka.

Other people worthy of nomination include Phil Datka, Chermond Thomas, Ben Croatt, David Pietrowiak, Jason Boehlke, Rich Anderson, Bill Topp, Bill Pohland, Katie Maschman, Kristin Lovering, Amanda Infield, Wilbert Henry, Ben Kaebisch, Jay Olszewski, Dennis Kloth and Chuck Ritzenthaler.

For more information, contact Germantown Athletic Director Jack Klebesadel at (262) 253-3415.

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