Warnimont hopes to serve three more years on Germantown School Board

Published on: 12/22/2012

Germantown - School Board member Bruce Warnimont is hoping to serve the School District for another three years.

If re-elected in spring, Warnimont said he will continue his 'absolute best value for every dollar' approach to expenditure decisions, while encouraging schools to continue embracing a climate of high expectations for students and staff.

'The Germantown School District community envisions nothing less than an orderly and purposeful learning environment, 100 percent safe and absent of undesirable behaviors of all kinds, all of the time and in every school, and that has my complete and unwavering support,' Warnimont said.

The Senior Tax Exchange Program, which allows older Germantown residents to pay down their school tax bill by sharing their life experiences in classrooms or by helping young children improve their learning skills, is a program Warnimont is proud of and will work to protect. School-to-work programs, he said, also need to be emphasized more in the school district as legitimate opportunities for high school students.

'Like many others in the community, I endorse expanding off-campus and summertime courses for middle and high school students, but only if they are found to be less costly than through the routine programs,' Warnimont said.

Germantown School Board members receive $4,000 annually.

By Danielle Switalski