Menomonee Falls buys land for stormwater retention

Feb. 5, 2013

Menomonee Falls - The Village Board on Monday approved the purchase of land to be used for stormwater retention in an older area of the village.

The village is purchasing about 13 acres of agricultural land at the intersection of Christman and Maple roads, south of County Line Road, for approximately $228,700.

They are paying a $10,000 nonrefundable down payment with a 90-day closure contingency, Village Manager Mark Fitzgerald said. This stipulation was put in place because staff has to prepare a certified survey map that shows the new land parcels. The map then has to be approved by the Village Board.

"In our capital improvement plan, we've been working on the stormwater control system for some of those neighborhoods on the far end of Christman Road that were built in the '60s without any kind of storm sewer or stormwater control," Fitzgerald said.

Christman Road is in poor shape, with steep ditches off the edge of the pavement, Director of Engineering Tom Hoffman said. Currently, the water drains along the road from the subdivision into a 42-inch pipe. Any storm greater than a two-year rain event causes the water to flow into the road and into what used to be a farmer's field.

In the event of a 100-year storm, the water would overwhelm the current pipe system in place. For these reasons, a new stormwater control system will be implemented.

"We are going to add additional capacity of the ditch and install a larger pipe, a 3-foot-by-12-foot box culvert, so that's quite an upgrade from a 42-inch (pipe)," Hoffman said.

The village will also be building a filtration system for the flood water, so clean water will be pumped into the Fox River. This is one stipulation of a permit the village received from the state Department of Natural Resources.

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