Village adds acre to sewer service area

Christman Estates to be served by Menomonee Falls

Dec. 3, 2013

Menomonee Falls — The Village Board on Monday gave their stamp of approval on requesting that 21 acres be placed in the Menomonee Falls Sewer Service area to accommodate a new subdivision.

Following a public hearing, the board approved incorporating six parcels east of Maple Road into the Menomonee Falls sanitary sewer service area tributary to the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District system to add cohesion to that area of the village.

The larger and northerly parcel is on the southeast corner of Christman and Maple roads and is planned to be developed as Maple Road Park. The crux of the proposal is due to the proposed single family subdivision known as Christman Estates, which has already garnered preliminary plat approval from the board, Director of Community Development Matt Carran said. Four of the subdivision parcels fell outside of the current Menomonee Falls sewer service area.

Three single family homes along Elder Lane will also be added to the sewer service area. It is estimated that 28 housing units and 65 people would be added to the drainage area.

Falls resident Diane Brooks during the public hearing was concerned that the changes to the service area boundary lines would force her to hook up to municipal sewer.

Carran said the amendments to the sewer service area map would not force anyone to hook up to village sewer.

"It's been village policy not to require people to hook up. However, if septic systems start contaminating ground water, there may be a requirement to hook up at that point, but there are no issues that anyone is aware of," he said.

Final approval is in the hands of the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission which governs metropolitan infrastructure including sanitary sewer planning. The commission met Wednesday after NOW's print deadline.

Once all parties approve the sewer map amendments, a final report is sent to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and MMSD. These entities have so far not seen any issue with the addition of 21 acres into the Falls sewer service area as it represents less than a 1 percent increase to the resident population served by village sewer.

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