Falls company gives advice to keep bugs at bay

June 5, 2012

Menomonee Falls - The quickest way for a summer barbecue to be ruined is by unwanted bugs flying into your drinks.

To mitigate wasps, ants and mosquitoes inside and outside the home, Menomonee Falls-based Wil-Kil Pest Control has provided easy and quick fixes to keep the bugs at bay.

When Wil-Kil's Regional Manager Randy Allen first does a 20-point inspection on a home, there are common issues he typically sees that are easy fixes to prevent pests. The first is placement of firewood, which he commonly sees sitting too close to a structure. Firewood makes for an easy nesting area for carpenter ants and other pests. By moving the wood away from the home, the number of ants that could get inside is limited. Wasps will also call logs home, so to keep wasps outdoors, moving the logs can be an easy deterrent.

"For parties, you can also check the eaves of the house and look under decks or swing sets to make sure there aren't any nests sitting there and if there are, it will reduce the likelihood of the wasps stinging guests and things like that if you can get them early," said Craig Rohde, marketing manager at Wil-Kil. "If they are in a spot you don't want to deal with, we can come out and handle that on an individual basis."

Keeping trees and shrubs trimmed enough so they don't touch a structure is also an easy way to ensure pests won't get inside the home.

"Those are two things that can cause pest problems," Allen said. "Things that I see as potential entry points for pests or rodents are air conditioners and central air-condition units where pipes are going into the home that are not properly sealed on the outside."

Slosh around stagnant water

Easy steps to pest prevention before summer is fully under way include treating a yard's perimeter, sealing all windows, placing weather stripping around doors and fitting screens tightly to windows.

Standing water, such as pools, puddles or ponds are common breeding grounds for bugs. Creating a current in places such as bird baths will reduce some of that breeding, Rohde said.

"Stirring that up and creating a current will reduce some breeding because those are big sites you'll find mosquitoes breeding and creating havoc in your yard," he said.

Putting vegetable oil on top of stagnant water will also suffocate larvae, Allen said.

"Reducing food, water and shelter for the pests will help reduce the likelihood of them coming in for one afternoon," Rohde said.

Guard the perimeter

When the summer heats up, wasps can become a quick picnic party-pooper. Keeping the yard trimmed and the grass cut will give less room for pests to nest in the yard.

When Allen hosts a cookout in late summer, a time when yellow jackets and flies become more problematic, he will line the perimeter of his yard with traps. He also puts a soda or glazed doughnut by the traps to entice the bugs away from the food at the gathering.

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