Washington County officials keep taxes low

Jan. 8, 2013

Public Forum:

Taxes can be and often are a dreaded, feared word relative to its effect on our lifestyle; yes, even our very existence.

We are assured that the annual tax statements have been received. Observing the various taxing units, one will notice that your county tax amount has further decreased. In fact, we were able to lower the tax levy by $1 million. This translated into an average of 2 percent cut for all county departments. How did this happen? We used the sales tax to reduce the debt and the property tax levy. We consolidated departments and used technology to redesign our work and make them more efficient. We found new answers to rising health costs. Budget decisions reflected looking at both costs and results.

Every department reviews how to get the best results for less.

Your Washington County officials, along with us, your County Supervisors, strive to enhance the common good.

As we enter into 2013, we sill strive to further reduce the county levy; yet, still offering a good array of services to our citizens, both those mandated and those needed and wanted. Pursing our conservative philosophy and working together, we entertain not even the slightest fear of a "fiscal cliff" for Washington County.

Mel Ewert

District 26

Dennis Myers

District 27

Peter Sorce

District 28

Dawn Eyre

District 29

Les Borman

District 30

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