New well saves Falls from water restrictions

Aug. 13, 2012

Menomonee Falls - Thanks to the addition of a new well in Menomonee Falls that went online in mid-June, the village was able to survive the extremely dry conditions and excessive heat without implementing any watering bans.

During a presentation that updated the Village Board on the water distribution system early last week, Director of Utilities Jeff Nettesheim said well No. 10 went online "just in the nick of time."

"We watched it very closely, but we were able to ride out the storm," he said as to the reason why the village did not have to implement any watering bans like surrounding communities were forced to do.

This summer Menomonee Falls' water system had its highest daily usage since 2005. In one day the village pumped 7.4 million gallons of water on July 5 and July 12. In 2005, the most gallons pumped in a day were 7.6 million gallons. The average daily pumpage is 3.3 million gallons, Nettesheim said.

The new well has a 200,000 gallon reservoir. With the addition, Nettesheim said the village should have a large enough water supply to last until 2025. After that, the addition of a few more wells may be needed depending on population growth.

The village receives 88 percent of its water from Milwaukee Water Works, which uses water from Lake Michigan. The other 12 percent is from a groundwater supply.

- Danielle Switalski

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