New Spassland Park shelter moves forward

Budget $20,000 over original estimate

Feb. 26, 2013

Germantown - By the end of summer, Germantown residents will be able to enjoy a new and larger shelter at Spassland Park.

The Village Board on Monday approved Commercial Recreation Specialists as the group to build the shelter from a kit the Park and Recreation Department will soon purchase. The board also approved $20,000 in additional funds for the project.

In total, the project cost is estimated at $184,952, which includes the cost to extend the water and sewer connections below the structure.

The additional cost is due to concrete work that will need to be done, as well as hiring subcontractors.

"There are some portions we need a contractor to put together, for example some posts need to be set so that increased it as well," Park and Recreation Department Interim Director Joe Masiarchin said.

The new shelter includes a small patio area.

A portion of the project will be done in-house, such as the asphalt roofing; however, the Rec Department leaders decided the actual construction of the shelter would be done best by a contractor.

The debate for the board was not whether to approve the additional $20,000 that may be needed for the project, but rather if funds should come out of capital reserve carry-over from last year or to increase the bond issue.

Though the $185,000 budget was approved, the board will decide where exactly to pull money from at its next meeting Monday. The General Government and Finance Committee will discuss where to use the carry-over funds before the next Village Board meeting.

Trustee Terri Kaminski was hesitant to designate $20,000 from the carry-over funds to go toward the shelter project before every item was looked at thoroughly.

Trustee Melvin Ewert motioned to take the funds from carry-over, so there were no loose ends on the project. His motion was not approved.

"Let's fund a project completely and get it over with, then we'll know what's left," he said.

Trustee Al Vanderheiden did not want to take money from the carry-over funds because the Germantown Fire Department building is in need of repairs. Until they determined what funds would be needed to fix that, he did not want to take money out of the carry-over.

"I don't want to tie our hands with what we need to do with the Fire Department, so I can't support taking those funds away with what we need to do for public safety," he said.

Either way, the shelter at Spassland Park is moving forward. Now that the board approved the final budget, the Rec Department can finalize designs, purchase the shelter kit and go out for bid.

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