Majority vote Walker in Falls, Germantown

June 10, 2012

The villages of Menomonee Falls and Germantown had more than an 85 percent voter turnout during the June 5 recall election, with results that leaned heavily Republican.

With 23,329 registered voters in Menomonee Falls, 86 percent turned out to cast their votes. Menomonee Falls had a 96 percent return on absentee ballots, which equated to 3,078 absentee ballots returned, according to the village of Menomonee Falls website.

Gov. Scott Walker took the vote by a landslide in Menomonee Falls, garnering 70 percent of the vote with 14,047 compared with Democrat Tom Barrett's 5,929 votes. Republican Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch had 13,762 votes and Democrat Mahlon Mitchell had 5,862 votes.

Germantown saw an 88 percent voter turnout, also leaning heavily Republican in the community's support for Walker.

Walker received 74.5 percent of the vote, with Barrett garnering 25 percent of voters' support. There were 8,069 ballots cast for Walker in Germantown, compared with 2,723 for Barrett, according to results posted on the Washington County website. Kleefisch received 74 percent of the vote in Germantown and Mitchell received 25 percent.

Costs for the election were not available.

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