Library receives computer geared for senior residents

Feb. 7, 2014

Menomonee Falls — A new, specially designed computer has been added to the public computing area of the Menomonee Falls Public Library. The computer is a beautiful and bright 20-inch Telikin touchscreen, and it has been designed particularly for senior citizens who might be uncomfortable using computers. The computer was donated through the Telikin Cares program.

A large number of senior citizens come to the library every day, and in addition to getting books to read, many of them use the library's 26 public computers for checking e-mail, buying and selling online, making travel arrangements, viewing photographs, preparing newsletters for their church, and so on.

All of these tasks have been simplified by the unique design of the Telikin computer. Patrons are delighted to discover just how easy it is for them to use this computer: touch the screen here and they can log in to their email accounts, touch the screen there and they can use Google to search the Internet, touch the screen again to type and print a letter, and once again to read the news and get the weather.

The library also hosts computer classes throughout the year, and the Telikin computer will be demonstrated and used in the classroom. Class topics include:

· Basic Computing for Senior Citizens

· Internet Safety

· Beginning Genealogy

· An Introduction to Microsoft Word and Excel

· Buying and Selling Online

· A Beginner's Guide to Editing Digital Photographs

· Social Networking for Senior Citizens

· Online Travel Resources

It is no exaggeration to say that the Telikin is "quite possibly the world's easiest computer" to use. Thanks to Telikin, the wonderful world of computing has been opened up to seniors who are often otherwise left on the sidelines.

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