Germantown's nonunion employees to get pay increase

Village staff has gone five years without a raise

Jan. 21, 2014

Germantown — The Village Board approved a 2 percent pay increase for 34 nonunion employees by a 6-1 vote Monday night. Trustee Art Zabel cast the no vote, while trustees David Baum and Al VanderHeiden were absent.

Trustee Terri Kaminski argued forcefully for the pay raise.

"Now that the economy has improved, we can afford it," she said. "Our employees haven't had a raise in five years, they work hard and there are some I'd hate to see leave."

Kaminski warned that other communities have already raised pay for employees and could lure some Germantown workers.

"I don't think it's the least bit extravagant, and it's fair," she said of the pay raise.

Village President Dean Wolter said the village has strengthened its financial status while employees waited patiently for the raise.

"We've done the right things in the down years, and asked our employees to wait," Wolter said. "Now it's time."

Zabel said he voted no because raises should not be given across the board.

"I believe it's time to do something" for employees, Zabel said, but added, "some employees deserve more, some deserve less."

Kaminski responded by challenging Zabel to name in public session any employees he believes deserve a lesser pay increase.

"Don't make it look like we're just throwing money away," she said.

The village adopted a performance evaluation and pay plan for nonunion employees two months ago. Wolter suggested making use of that plan in the future.

"We have to trust our village administrator," Wolter said of implementing the plan. "I'm not looking to micromanage."

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