Germantown to allow two detached garages

Oct. 16, 2012

Germantown - The Village Board on Monday approved an amendment to the village zoning code allowing two detached garages on residential properties.

New language in the zoning code that regulates residential accessory buildings was drafted after residents Greg and Gail Heinzen asked the village if they could build a second detached garage on their property as storage site for collectible cars.

Planning and Zoning Administrator Jeff Retzlaff said the Planning Commission did not think the code should be changed at the request of a single property owner; however, the commissioners were in favor of allowing two detached garages if they match the principal dwelling.

One detached garage was allowed on a residential property in an R1 and R2 zoning district. Now, two detached garages are allowed if the garage "looks attractive and doesn't cause harm to adjacent property owners," Retzlaff said.

The size of the second garage is limited to 1 percent of the lot area or 192 square feet, whichever is greater in size. If there are two attached garages on the property, only one detached garage is allowed.

Site plan approval will be required by the Planning Commission.

The Planning Commission initially recommended only changing the code to apply to the R1 zoning district; however, Trustee Terri Kaminski made an amendment so it applied to the R2 zoning district if the property is five or more acres.

"If you have the land and you can meet all the setbacks and get your conditional-use permit, what difference does it make?" she said. "If you have a chance to amend the ordinance and correct it, why not do the whole thing at once?"

President Dean Wolter did not agree, saying the board should see how the change works in R1 before making more changes to the code.

The amendment was approved in a 6-3 vote.

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