Germantown seeks new Park and Recreation director

Village opts not to promote job's salary range

Dec. 4, 2012

Germantown - The village is seeking a new Park and Recreation Department director after the Village Board on Monday announced the resignation of director Brett Altergott.

Altergott recently accepted new employment as a recreation director in Minnesota.

"It's really sad to see Brett go," said Village Manager David Schornack. "He's done an outstanding job here and we really wish him and his family the very best."

The board approved advertising for the position on Monday, but after brief debate voted not to publicize job's salary range.

Trustees Terri Kaminski and Shane Daniels opposed the decision to not include salary in the job listing. Kaminski said though it is common for private sector jobs not to include salary ranges, every public sector job advertisement does. The starting salary would have been advertised at $59,000 for someone with a bachelor's degree.

Trustee Al Vanderheiden opened the discussion of whether a salary range should be included in the job listing, asking if someone without a bachelor's degree who is right for the job would be paid less than $59,000.

"If we get somebody that is interested and does not have a bachelor's degree, there is nothing that would preclude us at starting that person at a lower salary," Schornack said.

Trustee Art Zabel said if a candidate wanted to know the salary for the position he or she would call the village. Kaminski disagreed, saying no one would want to be the candidate who appeared only interested in the job for its salary and it is unlikely that a candidate would call in anonymously.

"If there's no salary range at all you might lose some candidates," Kaminski said. "In every public sector job there is a range for everything. It's an expectation in the public sector to find out what range they are going to be in."

Schornack said the position should be filled by May, if not earlier, and administration will begin discussions of implementing an interim director until someone is hired permanently.

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