Germantown district pursues personalized learning options

Aug. 26, 2014

Germantown — A personalized learning approach will be integrated into the Germantown School District's development of its own standards if Personalized Learning Coordinator Scott Oftedahl has anything to say about it.

In a passionate presentation to the school board on August 25, Oftedahl shared his experiences teaching a summer school class in which he encouraged students to creatively problem solve using what he calls a learn, create, share method of teaching.

Included in his presentation was a video highlighting his beliefs regarding personalized learning, which he sees as an integral component of learning as it continues to evolve alongside technology.

Oftedal said his experiences teaching a variety of courses, from music to design and engineering, has taught him to encourage students to try things, accept they will fail on occasion and learn from their mistakes.

Much of what Oftedahl passionately presented to the board was prompted by the district's decision late last year to divert from the Common Core Standards, which were adopted by the state in 2010. In doing so, the board became the first in the state to unanimously agree to formally choose to create its own version of standards, to be known as the Germantown Model of Standards for Academic Achievement.

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