Fed-Ex plan moves ahead in Menomonee Falls

June 9, 2014

Menomonee Falls — The next step in a plan by Fed-Ex to build a new facility in the village is going to be loud, but not for long.

The Plan Commission on June 3 recommended approval of a conditional-use permit to allow the temporary crushing of rock for re-use in the pavement and parking lot at the site of the approved 202,950-square-foot FedEx Ground distribution facility.

Ruedebusch Development & Construction, who have been hired to design and construct the center, requested the permit to avoid having to remove about 40,000 tons of rock, only to bring in new rock to the site, explained Director of Community Development Matt Carran.

"Ruedebusch will need to blast during the excavation of the site and would like to crush materials on-site for use as a base under the pavement in the parking lot," Carran explained. "The applicant states they believe the crushing of rock on site will benefit both the village and the project, as the use of on-site materials would be environmentally friendly and the 40,000 tons of rock would equate to approximately 2,000 truckloads of material being hauled off the site and another 2,000 trucks hauling materials back to the site to replace the rocks that were removed."

If the temporary crushing is not allowed, the alternative plan would involve 25 to 40 days with trucks entering and leaving the site every five to 10 minutes, according to the staff report.

Conversely if it is crushed on site between the proposed times of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., representatives from Ruedebusch say they only need 10 working days to do the necessary crushing, over a period of up to four weeks.

The hours during which the noise would be taking place were a problem for nearby resident Larry Nicholl, who voiced his concerns during a public hearing on the topic.

"It seems to me the blasting is the more significant of the activities we'd be talking about here," Nicholl said, citing a potential for resulting property damage. While Village President Randy Newman, who chairs the plan commission, said he understands the concern, he clarified that blasting falls under state jurisdiction and therefore is not something the village can control.

"I mean, if you have a foundation and someone is blasting near you, I understand your issue," Newman said, addressing Nicholl. "I would be quite concerned if there was blasting (near my house)."

The state requires the company doing the blasting to document the appearance before and after of nearby residential homes for insurance claim purposes, which seemed to put the commission at ease.

The site is 30 acres on County Line Road, a third of a mile east of Pilgrim Road. The majority of the building will contain a distribution center, as well as 8,625 square feet of office space. At full capacity, there will be 466 personnel, including 74 office employees, and it would be staffed 24/7.


WHAT: discussion and possible action at Menomonee Falls Village Board meeting

WHEN: 6:30 p.m. Monday, June 16

WHERE: Village Hall, N8480 Pilgrim Road

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