Falls schools hits five-year high in students taking ACT test

Published on: 8/24/2012

Menomonee Falls - Students in the Menomonee Falls High School class of 2012 who took the ACT outscored their peers around the state as more students opted to take the test.

The ACT test is a national assessment that many universities in the Midwest use in the admissions process. The overall composite ACT score for the class of 2012 was 22.9, eight-tenths of a point higher than the state average of 22.1.

The composite score is lower than the past two years; however, more Menomonee Falls seniors took the ACT test than in the past five years.

'We are focused, though, not just on the score but on getting more students participating so they, too, get the feedback on their college preparation,' Superintendent Patricia Greco said. 'We could limit participation and focus on the score or focus on both, that is our target.'

There were 291 students who took the test, which is 12 more than last year and 29 more than five years ago, according to the Menomonee Falls School District. This means 73.1 percent of students in grade 12 took the ACT.

'The teachers are working very closely on the curricular alignment and the efforts are paying off,' Greco said. 'We remain focused on increasing the participation rates and keeping the score levels high.'

The class of 2011 had a composite score of 23.1 and 23 the prior year.

'Students from the Falls realize the benefits of going into higher education and pursuing further studies in order to advance career opportunities,' Director of Curriculum and Learning Gary Kiltz said.

The ACT is a 36-point test that gauges students' skills in English, math, reading and science.

The average English score was 22.4, slightly lower than scores in the past two years.

Greco said individual scores in reading and science remain high, and the math score increased slightly. The average score in math was 22.8. In 2010-11, the average score in math was 22.6. The average reading score was 23, lower than last year's score; however, those scores are still higher than they have been since the 2004-2005 school year.

'Our target is improving our cross content vocabulary development because our English score is the one that dipped a little and that is typically tied to work analysis and vocabulary development,' Greco said.

Menomonee Falls High School ACT scores
Total grade 12 fall enrollmentNumber of students testedAverage composite scoreState average composite score
2011-12391286 (73.1 percent)22.922.1
2010-11387278 (71.8)23.122.2
2009-10376259 (68.9)2322