Environmental cleanup complete

New building will house medical, fitness tenants

Sept. 18, 2012

Menomonee Falls - Ryan Cos. is set to build a two-story, 91,000-square-foot, dual-tenant medical and wellness building at the former Stolper/Western Industries factory now that the environmental cleanup of tax-incremental financing district No. 8 is complete.

Froedtert Health and the Wisconsin Athletic Club are slated to fill the new building, which is expected to be completed by 2013.

Before construction could begin, the village had to finish its environmental cleanup at the factory site located west of Pilgrim Road and south of Highway 45.

Grading to start Tuesday

Tom Hoffman, director of engineering services, told the Village Board on Monday that after months of active remediation, the work is finished and the groundwater status has moved from hazardous to nonhazardous.

The village now begins a two-year period of monitoring the groundwater. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has approved the clay report, and Hoffman said he is anticipating approval of the soot and groundwater this week.

"With remediation complete, we can begin redevelopment of the project," he said. "That's good news."

The contractor began grading the site Tuesday. Village Manager Mark Fitzgerald said Ryan Cos. is planning to begin construction this fall, most likely in November.

Residents will begin to see changes to the property in the coming weeks as crews tear out old fencing, grade the hills and remove trees along Roosevelt Drive.

"We are taking down all the metal fence around the project so it won't look as bad as it does now," Hoffman said.

The new development will sit on the north side of Richfield Way.

Richfield Way work delayed

Part of the TIF district redevelopment includes the extension of Richfield Way, which runs along Highways 41/45, to Pilgrim Road.

Work was originally expected to begin this fall.

Hoffman said with the timing of remediation and grading at the site, they decided to push construction to spring.

"We thought it wise not to bid the Richfield Way extension project this fall," Hoffman said. "It was too much to fit in, and I decided to push it back to spring."

Road designs are finalized and ready to go out for bid in January and February. The first phase of construction will extend from Pilgrim Road to the western edge of the property.

Expansion of Richfield Way from the property to Water Street is slated for next fall. Water Street also will change and become Richfield Way, running beneath the footbridge that sits in the redevelopment area.

Richfield Way will extend through the site and be an arterial to carry the traffic.

To segment the residential traffic from commercial traffic, Roosevelt Drive will terminate at a new intersection at Richfield Way.

Roosevelt Drive will come in and tie in with a perpendicular intersection with the new corridor at Richfield Way.

Substantial investment

The village purchased the factory site from Western Industries for $600,000, and is spending $4.7 million to demolish the building and cleanup the contamination.

That money will be repaid through property taxes generated by development within the TIF district.

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