Consultant discusses teacher compensation model

School Board working to create alternate compensation model

June 28, 2013

Germantown — With the changing climate surrounding education, the compensation structure is also changing.

To create an alternate compensation model for teachers that will dictate annual salary increases, the Germantown School Board teamed with Verisight, a consultant that will guide them in the process. That process is in its infancy as Verisight gave an initial overview at the Personnel Committee on Monday focusing on the steps they will take in development of the compensation model.

The first step, according to Verisight consultants, is to develop a philosophy that will drive the model. The School Board is set to meet in the beginning of July to discuss and create a board philosophy.

Brian Repsold with Verisight said the old models for compensation are becoming difficult to sustain, which is prompting school districts to come up with a new structure. In development of a new model, he said they will consult with teachers, administration and the School Board during the process. There were three members of the Germantown Education Association in attendance at the Personnel Committee meeting who expressed their desire to be included in the dialogue.

School Board member Sarah Larson said that communication should be at the center of development because it will be a "big change" and staff should be informed. There is a plan to form a committee made up of teachers, School Board members and the superintendent to spearhead the process once the overarching philosophy is created.

"Many times when we talk compensation, it's a very personal piece," Verisight consultant Rena Somersan said. "We always have to bring that to the bigger picture of the budget that we are working with."

Part of the process will include research of other School Districts to see what may or may not work in Germantown.

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