Board discusses stance at WASB convention

Palazzari to represent Menomonee Falls at convention

Jan. 15, 2013

Menomonee Falls - State funded accountability tests, revenue limit exemptions and school calendar models are just a few of the issues that will be discussed at the Wisconsin Association of School Boards' January convention.

Menomonee Falls School Board member Gina Palazzari will represent Falls in the WASB Delegate Assembly and vote for or against 16 different resolutions.

Decisions made by the Delegate Assembly help to set the statewide agenda for education. Falls School Board members on Monday were given the opportunity to direct Palazzari on which resolutions they should support.

One resolution includes creating a state educational technology initiative, meaning all school districts across the state need to have resources for students to succeed in the 21st century. Falls is already ahead of the game, especially after a major technology boost that took place last summer. Palazzari will support this resolution.

Two resolutions that could have a greater impact to the Falls School District focus on school calendar models and a revenue limit exemption. WASB, Palazzari said, is proposing a resolution that would allow school districts to be exempt from revenue limits on major capital projects, which would include facility maintenance expenditures. The board supports this.

WASB is also hoping for a modification of school calendar models. The Menomonee Falls school calendar has been a focus of discussion over the last few months as the district is looking to add early release times every Wednesday to allow for more collaboration time for teachers.

The Falls School Board also supports WASB's proposal to remove the barriers around school calendar models, including year-round schooling, as a way to increase student achievement.

The Association of School Boards recommends that a state model for funding modified school year calendar approaches be developed by the Department of Public Instruction, the Legislature and school board representatives.

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