School leaders have to make tough decisions

March 30, 2010

Public Forum:

I am a substitute teacher and spend most days at the high school.

In the past five years, I have probably subbed in 90 percent of the classrooms, and it bothers me with what I have read in the paper and what I hear from people that our high school is not safe and not under control.

The high school is safe. I applaud Principal Hintz and his staff for their prompt action and, with the support of Superintendant Marty, those students that were disruptive are no longer in the school.

I read one blog that stated it takes five to 10 minutes to get classes under control. In my five years I have NEVER experienced such a happening. I have read that there are times the cafeteria ran out of food. Not true! Could the buffet line run out of hamburgers and only have hot dogs? Yes, but there is food.

As a substitute, I am in a position to observe the school as a resident taxpayer and a grandparent as I do have a granddaughter in the high school.

Could our ACT scores be higher? Sure, but know that our school district has a goal of pursuing excellence one student at a time. The district does not just cater to those students who excel but there is a safety net for each student.

Are there budget problems? Yes! The state cut another $2 million our state aid after contracts had been issued to the teachers. Folks, you cannot go back and layoff a teacher after you have issued them a contract.

Are there other areas we can cut? Sure … you can cut anything depending on whose ox is gored. Just read a letter saying don't cut the music program … don't cut middle school sports … don't cut this and don't cut that. Others say we are top heavy with staff. Are we? We have added one more grade level at both the middle and high school with no additional staff. Central office doesn't even have a receptionist and they rely on volunteers. We as taxpayers, parents and grandparents have the right to criticize, but PLEASE investigate the issues first. Don't believe what you hear or are told by others; investigate on your own and then draw your own conclusions.

Joe Greco

Menomonee Falls

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