First District voters have better choice with Kaminski

March 24, 2009

Public Forum:

Watching the candidate forum recently, I can honestly say I liked what I heard from 3rd District candidate Dennis Myers. He has the interests of the taxpayers in mind.

I also want to comment about a recent Journal Sentinel article about a confrontation at McDonald's on Mequon Road involving 1st District candidate Bill Steitz. In my opinion, having such a loud and verbal disagreement in a public place where children are present is inexcusable. Steitz was quoted as saying he did not need to apologize to the community for his disrespectful behavior. Germantown residents deserve better.

Fortunately, 1st District voters have a better choice with Terri Kaminski. She has demonstrated her ability to work with others in her current position on the Plan Commission. Kaminski's experience in owning her own marketing and public relations consulting company should certainly be a plus especially for helping to successfully fill our industrial park.

I have seen many changes in our village. Voters can help make positive changes continue by voting Tuesday, April 7.

Judi Kind


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