Commissioner would be asset to Village Board

March 17, 2009

Public Forum:

Bill Steitz was the incumbent trustee for district one and lost his seat to David Baum in the last election. Now that Trustee Michael Bech chose not to run, Steitz is back.

Terri Kaminski is running against Steitz and when she wins, she will be an asset to the Village Board. I can't imagine why anyone would cast their vote Steitz's way. Not only is his past voting record less than admirable, but so is his conduct.

There is the altercation, which Steitz initiated, at a local McDonald's restaurant with Bech. Bech apologized to the community, but Steitz said there was no reason to apologize.

During the last election, Steitz attempted to discredit Baum. At one point in Baum's response, he correctly labeled Steitz's remarks as childish and he should refrain from attempting to tarnish Baum's good name.

Kaminski appears to be a capable candidate and is on the Plan Commission. Since Kaminski had a preset business function to attend, she was unable to attend the recent candidate forum, but was willing to do so via a teleconference.

Steitz and Trustee Al Vanderheiden pooh-poohed the idea and the Chamber of Commerce, which sponsored the meeting, bowed to their backstabbing scheme.

Steitz does his very best to derail any competition.

Paul Mraz


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