Bowe, Jex make it through to second round

Feb. 17, 2009

Incumbent Tom Bowe and Erin Jex will face off in the April election for seat seven on the Germantown School Board after being the top vote-getters in the Feb. 17 primary.

The vote totals, according to unofficial results Feb. 17:

Tom Bowe (i)


Erin Jex


Brian Palzkill


Robert Banner III


Election results remain unofficial until they are certified by the board of canvassers, which met after press deadline.

Though he was happy with the results, Bowe, 42, said he was hesitant to say too much because it was what he considered to be a pretty close race.

"I think Erin Jex is an excellent candidate as well," said Bowe, who is running for a second term. "I'm just going to continue to try to do what it takes to make people aware of who I am and what I'm about."

Bowe has said he hopes he can continue to help the board find ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality.

Jex, 32, also spoke highly of the other candidates, adding each has a special interest in the district.

"I think all the candidates each have their own strong points; this was a very strong group," Jex said. "I think it is good to see, to have seven people running for two seats. (It) just shows that a lot of people care about our school district."

In her campaign, Jex has said she wants to apply her background in financial planning and education to evaluate district finances and promote financial responsibility.

Jex, who filled the vacancy created when Ric Ericksen resigned in 2007, was unseated in 2008 by Cari Brust.

Finding ways to control district spending was one of Banner's issues. Palzkill said he would have liked to contribute to what he felt is a fiscally responsible board.

The spring election is Tuesday, April 7.

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