Germantown district examines possible changes to employee handbook

Aug. 25, 2014

Germantown — Personal experience is helping shape some changes to the paid time-off policy in the Germantown School District.

The board on August 25 considered changes to its employee handbook, including alterations to how district staff takes time off when a loved one passes away, before or after holidays and in-service days, and around maternity and medical leave.

At the policy committee, discussion centered around a policy change that allows all district staff, regardless of rank of employment, to take up to three days of time off after the loss of a loved one, including one day of bereavement leave and up to two days of sick or personal time. Currently, there is differentiation between administrators and teachers, limited-term and support staff.

In addition to bereavement leave, there could be changes to how the district handles donation of time off from one employee to another in the case of a catastrophic illness, such as a terminal cancer diagnosis. Changes would allow a district employee to donate only personal days, which refresh each year, to fellow employees, as opposed to sick days that accumulate year over year.

How staff uses unpaid time off could also be changing, as employees who use unpaid time will be required to exhaust all other paid time off before using an unpaid day off. Unpaid days off, most frequently used in cases of maternity or medical leave, would no longer be used to supplement an in-service day or holiday.

Each of these changes could be incorporated into the new version of the employee handbook, which is will most likely be reviewed and ultimately approved as a whole at an undetermined later date.

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