Highway 41/45 rehabilitation project planned for 2016

Dec. 15, 2013

Germantown — The Wisconsin Department of Transportation sought public opinion last week on its plan to rehabilitate US Highway 41/45 in Germantown come 2016.

The proposed project aims to improve safety and pavement conditions on the highway, moving them from highway standards to interstate standards. US 41/45 will be resurfaced from County Q and WIS 145 and the signals at the terminal intersections at County Q and at Lannon Road. The project is anticipated to run from spring 2016 and be completed in fall that year, said Michael Pyritz, communications specialist with the DOT. There will be ramp closures required for resurfacing the ramps, though they will be restricted to off-peak hours.

"It's going to be pretty straightforward," Pyritz said. "Any lane impacts we'll have in the overnight and night-time hours. There may be some mid-day work that will restrict some lanes, but it will be a little more limited than if we were rebuilding the roadway."

The project is entirely funded by the DOT, though they are taking into consideration concerns the village has raised over parts of the roadway.

"There are some traffic issues at the interchanges and they are addressing those concerns," Germantown Director of Public Works Dan Ludwig said.

The elevation of one portion of the roadway on the north end of the village needs to be improved to address horizontal curves, which Ludwig says will be adjusted as part of the project.

The DOT is also going to be synchronizing the intersection signals corridorwide at Highway 41/45. Should the village find the funding, Germantown will have the opportunity at that time to synchronize village traffic signals along County Line Road with the DOT traffic signals.

"It's up to Germantown and (Menomonee) Falls to get our hardware upgraded to get County Line Road to flow a little more efficiently," Ludwig said. "It's something we've been working on well over a year in order to understand what the DOT system is and what our deficiencies are and when the DOT will do their corridor project so we can work on our corridor project."

He said they do not know if they will have the funding at that time upgrade the traffic signals' controllers, but it is the village's intent to do so.

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