Germantown, Falls see historic heights in ACT scores

Record number of students test their college readiness

Aug. 26, 2013

Germantown High School students made history in the 2012-13 school year.

The 2013 average composite ACT score for Germantown students was 24 out of 36 possible points, according to scores released through an ACT publication last week.

The ACT is a college readiness assessment that tests students in English, math, reading and science. Many colleges use ACT scores as an admission requirement.

The composite score is the highest in school history, high school Principal Joel Farren said. Germantown also had a record number of seniors take the test in the 2012-13 school year at 85 percent, or 324 students.

The average composite scores between 2009 and 2012 ranged from 23.3 to 23.7.

Aligned curriculum helped

Having better test scores did not happen by accident, Farren said. Rather it is a concerted, district-wide effort as Germantown has implemented more rigorous curriculum. For example, a few years ago the School District increased the requirement for math and science, making it mandatory to take three years of each subject instead of two years. Higher test scores are directly related to changes like this, Farren said.

"It's not a fluke, I think it's an effort of a lot of people to make that happen," he said. "I think what we've done with revamping our curriculum and remapping our curriculum has helped lead to success."

Falls students reach new heights

Menomonee Falls High School students also found success in the latest round of ACT testing that shows record results.

A total of 277 students, or 74 percent, of students took the ACT in 2012-13, earning a composite score of 23.3 out of 36 possible points. Combined, it's the highest percentage and highest number of students earning the highest score since the state began keeping test records in 1995, according to a news release from the Menomonee Falls School District.

This is the sixth time in the last decade the district's composite score has reached 23 or better. The composite score released in 2012 was 22.9.

Staff has been working for the past few years to align with the common core standards and seeing the test scores increase is an indication of that, Menomonee Falls HIgh School Principal Corey Golla said.

"Our test scores have been somewhat flat and we've been wanting to start seeing the numbers move and it's really encouraging to staff," he said. "This is the fruits of our labor. They are learning what they need to learn and they will be prepared to succeed."



composite score in 2013


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composite score in 2013


composite score in 2012


percent of junior and seniors tested

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