Germantown School Board adds two new teaching positions at County Line Elementary

June 25, 2013

Germantown — County Line Elementary will be getting two new teachers for the 2013-14 school year, officials decided Monday.

At every School Board meeting, administration provides the board with an enrollment update. The numbers fluctuate throughout summer. Even though Assistant Superintendent Cynthia Coley asked the board to wait to approve new positions until July, when numbers are more concrete, the board decided to move forward with new positions in kindergarten and fourth grade.

Both of these grade levels are in the "red," meaning class sizes are becoming too big.

Each grade level at County Line will now have four sections.

The 2013-14 budget will have to be adjusted and funds have to be found in order to pay for the two teachers. School Board Member Bruce Warnimont, who made the motion, said he believes the funds are available.

When questioned on where the money will come from, he said they need to take a closer look at where the district is spending its money to ensure programs are a benefit to the students. Warnimont also said too much money is spent on staff development.

Director of Teaching and Learning Maria Kucharski countered, saying much of staff development is federally funded. With all of the new initiatives coming from the state level, Coley said professional development equips the teachers to best instruct students in the classroom.

"We are obligated to make sure our teachers are equipped in the best way possible to deliver our goals and that's through professional development," she said.

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