Bier Stube allowed to have outdoor hours

Published on: 5/7/2013

Germantown - Bier Stube's outdoor patio can stay open until 10 p.m., village officials decided Monday.

The Germantown Village Board approved amendments to the outside premise extension for Bier Stube, W15836 Main Street. Bier Stube was recently opened by new owner Chaz Hastings after it closed last year.

The Public Safety committee originally approved extending outdoor hours until 11 p.m.; however, the village code sets the time at 10 p.m. In order to extend hours later, the village code would have to be amended, Village President Dean Wolter said.

Bier Stube neighbors who live along Main Street expressed concerns about noise coming from the outdoor patio area. The German-themed bar plans to have live music periodically during the weeks and play mostly German-themed music on the outdoor patio.

The Village Board amended the outside premise extension to include a higher fence line that abuts the property line with a landscape buffer along the west fence line to block out some of the noise. Trees will be planted on the inside of the fence line. Trustee Jeff Werdeman said the landscape should grow above the fence line in a few years to provide an additional sound barrier and ease concerns of neighbors.

Hastings did not have a problem with any of the changes.

Werdeman said there were also concerns about the lighting; however, he said outdoor lighting will be minimal to maintain the atmosphere.