Board OKs site for performance pavilion

Published on: 2/26/2013

Germantown - Efforts to build a new performing arts pavilion in Fireman's Park took a step forward on Monday after the Germantown Village Board approved the location of the structure, allowing for designs to be finalized.

Germantown Kiwanis has been fundraising over the past year to build the arts pavilion that can be used for band performances, wedding receptions and events in the park. The new pavilion would be located near the existing structure in the park, facing the Germantown Senior Center located on Park Avenue.

'There's a good canopy of trees there to prevent sound from moving too far in the distance,' Trustee Al Vanderheiden said. 'One discussion point is the place of it and the homes near the park and how sound will travel. This looks like a really good area.'

The pavilion will face a slightly sloping hill that will allow for natural stadium seating for spectators to view performances.

The location needed to be approved before Kiwanis could progress with designs and nail down a price in order to launch a massive fundraising campaign in the next few months, Park and Recreation Department Interim Director Joe Masiarchin said. The Park and Recreation Commission also approved the project location

Now that the location is approved, Kiwanis is organizing a focus group of community members to ensure the pavilion will best meet the needs of those who would use it.

Kiwanis Member Carol Miller, who is spearheading the fundraising effort, said they are looking for stakeholders to join the focus group. For example, Jim Barnes, the leader of Germantown Community Bands, is part of the group. The hope is that the pavilion will be an outdoor venue for band performances.

'We want people in the focus group to have input as how to have this utilized by the most groups,' Miller said. 'It's working out those final details to make sure we are giving the community what can be used the most.'

In the meantime, the Buy A Brick fundraising campaign is still under way. Those who 'buy a brick' will be recognized in some facet once the pavilion is built. Miller said they are also looking for additional in-kind donations, such as materials or landscaping services.

Germantown Architect Brad Kropp has donated his services to design the pavilion. General Contractor Jeff Pollpeter has also donated his services.

'He's gone back to the drawing board to tweak the facade a bit because the goal is to have as little maintenance as possible,' Miller said. 'Now, we are finally moving ahead.'

New members are welcome to join Kiwanis. The group meets at 7:30 a.m. every Wednesday at Aldo's Pizza and Pub, N11058 Pilgrim Road.