Germantown pushes back 2013 capital project

Jan. 22, 2013

Germantown - Before going out to bid on capital projects planned for 2013, the Village Board on Monday reviewed the list to see if any could wait until next year.

The finance department was directed to go out for bid on all capital projects approved in the 2013 budget except for one.

The board decided, 5-4, to push back adding traffic control cameras at the intersection of County Q and Appleton Avenue until next year. This project was estimated to cost $30,000. The village budgeted $1.2 million to borrow in 2013; however, this amount is dependent on project bids.

"As we are preparing to do the new capital projects bonding or note to get equipment costs covered for the year, we wanted affirmation from the board of which are staying and which are going," said village Finance Director Kim Rath.

The Village Board will vote on each capital project in February and March once costs are finalized. Rath wanted to ensure staff is not going out to spend time bidding projects the board will turn down anyway. By cutting the project Monday, staff will save time that could have been wasted.

Capital projects include work on road maintenance and infrastructure projects.

Implementing traffic control cameras was to make traffic flow more efficiently as the current system at the County Q and Appleton Avenue can fail from time to time.

"At times we've had failure of detections, so you haven't had traffic flowing at efficient rates and cameras are new technology that all intersections will have," Streets Department Superintendent Jay Olszewski said.

Currently, the Street Department staff knows through complaints or monitoring of the intersection if the traffic detectors in place are working effectively. Olszewski said they can push the project off for another year, but should it need to be fixed in 2013 they will come back to the Village Board.

Trustees Shane Daniels, Jeffrey Hughes and David Baum, as well as Village President Dean Wolter voted against removing this item from the capital projects list as it had been included in the 2013 budget.

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