Germantown schools offering 25 nonresident seats

Dec. 18, 2012

Germantown - The Germantown School District will offer 25 new, nonresident seats for the 2013-14 school year, a dozen of those available for Chapter 220 students.

Many elementary classrooms in Germantown are filled to the brim; therefore, the seats offered are grade specific. The School Board voted on Monday to offer five, fourth-grade seats and seven, 11th-grade seats to Chapter 220 students.

Students will not be accepted if they have credit deficiencies, disciplinary or expulsion issues or if they have special education needs as there are no seats available for those students. If those seats aren't filled by 220 students, they will then be made available for students wishing to open enroll.

Chapter 220 schools allow for students in the Milwaukee Public School system to attend suburban schools and suburban students to attend MPS schools. The state program was created to enhance diversity in schools. Open Enrollment seats are available to students from any school district across the state.

Chapter 220 districts are required to accept or reject all timely applications made under the Chapter 220 program before accepting Open Enrollment applications.

Thirteen Open Enrollment seats will be open for fourth, fifth and 11th grade - nine in grade four, four in grade five and four in 11th grade.

"The philosophy in the past was to start them in kindergarten so they could have a full education here, but we don't have the room in kindergarten, so now we thought we would offer at grades four and five," said Jayne Borst, administrative assistant to the superintendent.

The enrollment period for Chapter 220 is Jan 7-25.

Board Member Bruce Warnimont opposed opening any seats to Chapter 220, citing an increasing level of diversity in the School District.

"I think everyone should apply under Open Enrollment, that's plain and simple," he said.

His motion to offer no 220 seats for the 2013-14 school year was voted down.

The Open Enrollment application period is from Feb. 4 through April 30.

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