Thanks to everyone who helped find son

Nov. 20, 2012

Public Forum:

On the night of Nov. 14 we experienced a heart-wrenching and terrifying dozen hours that we hope never has to be repeated by anyone, as our son E.J VanBrabant went missing. At the same time, the most gracious, compassionate and proactive friends, classmates and neighbors from the village of Germantown came together as a testament to the integrity of this community.

There are so many to thank for all your help in finding E.J. that night, we are at a loss as to how to reach you all. But know in our hearts we will never forget or be able to repay all the prayers, organizing, walking, driving, searching in the cold temperatures until the early morning hours and beyond that you all gave.

We'd like to thank, in particular, the Germantown Police Department, Superintendent Sue Borden and the staff of Kennedy Middle School for getting the word out.

We'd also like to thank: Connie Wolfe for her organization of the search party; the DeVor family for creating fliers and a Facebook page less than half an hour after finding out he was missing; Jason Esposito and the congregation of Crossway Church for opening their doors to all in the community and for their prayers; Brandon Medved for his help in mapping the search and all his help; Carla Wilson for being the field general; and the MKSC Academy U14 Soccer team for living the example of teammates, and to their families. And to Sheri Sanabria and Taylor Wilson for being the shoulders we leaned on from the first minutes.

We know we have countless others to thank and are indebted to, so please accept our humble gratitude to you all, we are truly blessed to be living in this community.

The VanBrabant family


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