Laskowski would bring leadership to School Board

Jan. 31, 2012

Public Forum:

Germantown schools are outstanding. Parents, teachers, administration and the School Board should be thanked for providing the environment for this success. This year, three of the seven seats for the Germantown School Board are up for election. In the past, the board has been a balanced one, with members from differing viewpoints allowing all aspects of an issue to be addressed.

The board is now at a crossroads. A radical, anti-education slate has candidates running for each of the open seats. If these ideological extremists gain control of the board, the quality of Germantown schools will quickly deteriorate. As a 21-year resident of Germantown, I do not want this to happen. A drop in the quality of education will be a disaster for the community, bad for property values and terrible for our children.

All three of the seats will be decided during the election April 3. One of these seats, Seat 1, is also subject to a primary Feb. 21. Lisa Laskowski, Christina Wolf-Lang and Sarah Larson are running in this primary.

Without reservation, I would like to endorse the candidacy of Lisa Laskowski. Lisa is a bright and articulate mother of two who will bring a rational and well-reasoned viewpoint to the board. She will provide the same kind of leadership that has brought the current high quality to Germantown Schools. Lisa runs a small business, and that experience will help her to make the tough decisions to assure that the board is using taxpayer dollars wisely. She will put our children and their right to a quality education first.

I encourage everyone to join me in support of Lisa Laskowski in both the Feb. 21 primary and the April 3 general election. Our children deserve nothing less.

Paul C. Adair


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