Teachers protest cuts

Feb. 15, 2011

Teachers in Menomonee Falls have decided not to take time out of school to protest state legislation that would undercut teacher pay and benefit packages already in place.

Menomonee Falls Superintendent Keith Marty said there was a meeting of the staff and while they wish to show their disapproval, they thought it imprudent to do so on school time.

Marty added that the 18 teachers out Tuesday across the district is pretty close to average for this time of year.

Monday, the board revealed it was planning to cut between 12 and 18 full-time equivalent positions at least, with the state budget playing a major role in those looming cuts.

Teachers were planning a protest at state Sen. Alberta Darling's Menomonee Falls Office on Wednesday after school hours and after NOW's press deadline.

Germantown teachers took a decidedly different approach, sending 10 union members to Madison to join the protests. Superintendent Sue Borden said 31 teachers were out with certified absences Tuesday, which is slightly higher than the 20 to 25 they normally have this time of year. Borden insisted attendance fluctuates and that teachers who were out were being honest about their reasons for missing school.

Calls to Germantown High School Union President Jane Mandli went unreturned at press time.

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