DA reviewing allegations against Germantown teacher

April 20, 2012

The Milwaukee District Attorney's office is reviewing allegations against a Germantown teacher for inappropriate contact with a high school student.

Late last week, a teacher with the Germantown School District was reported for having "inappropriate contact" with a student at a nonschool sponsored event in Milwaukee. The gender and age of the teacher in question have not been released.

A report was filed by the school district with the Milwaukee Police Department and the teacher was placed on administrative leave with pay on April 16, according to a news release from the School District. According to the district, the leave was necessary to allow time for the police department to conduct an accurate and thorough investigation of the allegation.

The school district and a spokeswoman with the Milwaukee Police Department said additional information is not available at this time as it is an ongoing investigation. The teacher's leave will continue until the investigations are further along and employment status at that time will be re-evaluated, according to the school district.

GermantownNOW.com will have more details when available.

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