Village Board OKs Falls flower shop's zoning change to residential

March 19, 2012

Could a flower shop be home sweet home for someone in Menomonee Falls?

Yes, based on what the Village Board members said on Monday.

Village Park Townhomes owner Brayton Devco asked the Village Board to amend its zoning to change a vacant flower shop to residential zoning. The original zoning allows for a residence on the second floor, but requires a commercial property on the first floor.

With President Randy Newman opposed, the board voted, 5-1, to adopt an ordinance amending the Village Park Townhomes Planned Infill Development Overlay Zoning District located between Appleton Avenue and Mill Street. Newman also voted against the amendment at the Dec. 6 Plan Commission meeting.

Brayton Devco wants to turn the shop into a residence.

According to Matt Carran, director of community development for the village, the developer planned to lease the flower shop for several years.

"He hasn't had any takers and he's found he can lease the other structures out and, as a developer, he wants to move the flower shop and lease out the other properties," Carran said.

In order to live in the commercially zoned property, it would have to be rezoned residential. Newman did not wish to pursue the rezoning because he said the building should remain cohesive with the commercial area.

The vacant flower shop is separated from the Village Park Townhome development by a village-owned parking lot.

"I think it's a commercial area and it should stay that way," he said.

Should the lot be sold for a commercial use, future owners will have to go back to the Village Board to have it once again rezoned.

"I don't see this as a long-term deal, and I don't see a problem with it," Trustee Steve Raymonds said.

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