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There Here! Japanese Beetles!

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The pressure from JB’s is past and there is no use in treating at this time.  Damage will be noticed for the duration of the season, as there are holes in the leaves.  But little or no further significant damage should be noted. 

Regarding treatment for next year--  I do not advise treating for JB on a preventative basis.  The best thing to do is keep your plants healthy through proper care so that IF there is a JB problem in the area, then your plant will not be severely harmed…though it may look bad for the season b/c the leaves are half eaten.  I do not like JB’s, but treating this insect is futile as it honestly would take your entire neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods all doing the same treatment to get noticeable results. 

Certain plants attract these insects because of phytochemicals that are given off, called pheromones.  Once adults emerge from the soil (where the eggs/larva/grubs live and overwinter) they can fly a few miles…this is why it seems pointless to continually spray insecticides to treat for these insects.  Spraying insecticides on the lawn to control the egg/larva/grub stages is not recommended because you end up killing ALL the biology in the soil.  Soil is alive and needs to be treated as such.  There is an organic product called Milky Spore that you can apply, once every 5-10 years, for control of just JB grubs in a lawn and it will not harm the remaining soil biology.  Spraying systemic insecticides (such as Sevin®) on plants is an option, but an option that does come with big risks.  Insecticides are neurotoxins, be sure to follow ALL precautions printed on the label to protect you/pets.  There is a reason why we stopped recommending and using these chemicals 2 years ago.  Now, we use OMRI listed organic sesame seed oil.  It is in a product called “Organocide”.  Another product is Neem Oil.  Both of these products are available from fine garden centers that carry organic landscape solutions.  Additionally, some holes or spots on leaves is okay and should be tolerated as the ornamentals we plant in a landscape are inevitably part of the food chain.  If only we could train the JB’s to eat only Thistle and Garlic Mustard!! 

This is the tip of the iceberg on information about JB’s, Insecticides, and organic options….  If you have any further specific questions or concerns, please contact me.  Thank you. 

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