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SPRING CLEAN UP might be more important than you may think!

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As a landscape maintenance company, Beautiful Blooms offers many services geared towards helping you maintain your yard and landscape, keeping it beautiful and healthy.  One of the best ways to do that is to start the season out with a good spring cleanup; an all-over clean up and review  of your lawn & landscape (including plants, shrubs, trees, and their beds).  Fallen branches, debris that has been blown in from the neighbor’s yard, and BBLD Random Spring 2009 006“gifts” the snow plow delivered (chunks of sod, anyone??) all need to be removed.  Whether you hire a landscape company like Beautiful Blooms, or choose to tackle the job yourself, it is part of maintaining a clean, crisp, great looking landscape.  Here are some things that should be done before the growing season begins.

For starters: Remove debris.  Strong winds, heavy snow, and even rain can bring down tree limbs.  Twigs, leaves, garbage, and other debris can be blown in from neighboring properties, and then covered up by snow- unbeknownst to you!  All these things need to be picked up and removed from the property.

Repair snow mold on the lawn:  When snow lingers on the lawn for too long, especially when the large piles of snow sat for months, the grass can become infected with mold.  The best thing to do is lightly rake the area to remove the infected grass and promote some air flow.snow_mold_-_grey

Pruning:  As soon as the weather begins to warm up, plants should be uncovered (if covering took place at you fall cleanup) and any dead dying or broken limbs should be pruned.  Roses may also be pruned at this time.  The goal is to shape them, encouragediagram_pruning new growth, and “open it up” allowing air movement and sunlight to reach the shrub’s inner limbs.  Shrub roses are more forgiving than hybrid roses; they can be cut back almost half way with little worry.  One thing you DON’T want tolilac shrub do, is prune your Lilacs or Forsythias!  These shrubs set their buds for the following spring in summer, if you prune them in spring, you are clipping off their blooms!  These shrubs are best left to a late spring/early summer pruning, just after they have bloomed.

Plant bed maintenance:  Winter can be unkind to decorative plant and mulch beds.  Remove any winter mulch or covering branches.  CutIMG_6321back any plants that were left up for winter interest (grasses, Sedums, Etc…) before any new growth emerges.  If any plants have been pushed out of the ground or heaved due to freezing and thawing in the soil, replace them.  Do not step on them to push them back into the ground; you will only damage them.  If you mulch your planting beds, and we recommend that you do, now is the time to do it.  Mulching right away in spring, will help reduce water use and weeding later in the season.

Spring will be here before you know it!  If you prepare your yard and garden correctly, and in a timely manner, or hire the task out; your yard will thank you and your neighbors will envy your yard come summer.  Now, who doesn’t want that?!

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