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Doyle to Denmark?

Governor Doyle is going to Copenhagen next week to participate in the climate change conference.  Aside from the ridiculousness of this trip, what does he think he'll be able to contribute to the conference other than more hot air?  Maybe that is how this bogus science will accomplish "warming"; continue to bring the hot air producers together to pontificate. 

Finally, are we taxpayers covering the cost of this trip?  If so, why?  If not, who is?

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

Will we continue to see the gradual erosion of the use of the words "Merry Christmas" during this season of celebration?  The idea that the celebration by those who believe is a threat to some, especially those who do not believe, is difficult to comprehend, for me at least.  If there is nothing to believe in, then why is that "foolishness" to be condemned?  As political correctness continues to encroach in areas that should remain 'off limits', we risk losing the freedoms that our country represents.  I used the term "gradual erosion" for that is the tactic used by those who would have no reference to God or to Jesus Christ anywhere if they had their way.  These are the folks who are ready to defend almost any other "freedom" whether specified in our country's founding documents or constructed by activist courts.  Why are they so threatened by a baby in swaddling clothes?

Village President Race?

So far, two people have taken out papers to file their candidacy for the Germantown Village President position.  Current President Tom Kempinski has until December 28th to file indicating that he'll not run for re-election thus creating a bit of buzz as to whether or not he'll try for another term.  It would seem that he must know what his decision will be by this time, so it is interesting why he is not openly stating what he'll do.  Is there some political intrigue being woven, or is he simply going to hang up his spikes?

Health Care Debate

Why does it seem that everything being debated in Washington over the health care/health care financing bills centers on money?  Is it ever going to sink in for those who still support this fiasco that this is a precursor of the future if and when a bill is passed?  The future, when health care is controlled by our government, is going to be all about the money; it is going to be all about the money we don't have and the cuts to coverage that will just have to be made because we're going broke.

And it will be about who gets the money and for what.  It will be about the prevailing philosphy at the time, and about what that philosophy sees as health care at the time.  There has been a mini-government health care system in Oregon for a decade or more.  It has a panel of people who make decisions about what will be covered and what won't be covered and it makes decisions about the priorities assigned to the various procedures.

That panel has, since the inception of the Oregon program, dropped the original top ten priorities quite a way down the list and replaced those with the politically correct treatments du jour.  And, of course, there is not enough money for everything so the priorities assigned actually amount to the dreaded "rationing" everyone fears.  This has led to things such as the prostate cancer victim whose surgery was denied but who was re-directed to the consideration of assisted suicide for which the plan would be able to find the money.

We have already seen what will result over time from what is being debated today but, for some strange reason, we continue to ignore all the warning signs.  We caught a glimpse of the future once again when the recommendations regardng mammography were to be changed.  That has, for the moment at least, been quieted but we shouldn't think it is over and done.  Such outcrys will be commonplace as politicians (and those who give them money) decide what should be and what shouldn't be paid for in the future.

Why Stimulus Money to Teacher's Union?

Why did the State of Wisconsin pass nearly a half-million "stimulus" dollars over to the Wisconsin Education Association Insurance Trust?  The WEA Trust has so far refused to answer the inquiries from the MacIver Institute.

This doesn't seem to me to be something for which stimulus dollars were intended.  Does it seem a proper use to you?

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