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Wisconsin's Latest "Honor"

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The Pew organization has bestowed an "honor", one which many of us recognize is very well deserved, on our home state of Wisconsin.  We are now ranked as being among the ten worst states, from a fiscal viewpoint, in the country.

We have, for a long time, spent more than we have taken in, and we've borrowed to cover those shortfalls.  So, the walls we thought were solid as brick, have now been declared made of tissue paper,  We are ranked right up there with New York and California.

Some have wondered why there are not a wealth of Democratic candidate choices for governor.  Is it that none want to be saddled with having to begin the process, a painful process no doubt, of turning our state around after the mismanagement of a decade or more?  I suspect that is very likely.  Why would a Milwaukee mayor who could probably have that position for so long as he wanted it, jump from that frying pan into the fire?  Why indeed unless he is under such intense political pressure from the president on down to the state political powers that he'll be unable to stay home and enjoy the relative peace and quiet of Milwaukee.

Why are there no front-line Democrats willing to take this on, to have a go at defeating whomever the Republican candidate who is ultimately selected?  Is it really that there is no "bench" as pundits are saying?  Or is it that they simply want no part of this political suicide mission?  In the case of the lieutenant governor bowing out, the rumble is that there really is a very personal reason behind that decision.

Then, there is the other side of the equation.  It is entirely possible that whomever is elected will find that the position of governor was a one-term proposition and that it tainted an otherwise up and coming political force.  Both Scott Walker and Mark Neumann have had to consider that before engaging in the fight for that position on the Republican ticket.

The real question seems to be whether or not we'll finally get ourselves off the fiscal booze and get our state back on the straight and narrow.

Maybe being "outed" as we were yesterday will prove to have been the "bottom of the slide" for Wisconsin.   Maybe we have finally reached the very lowest point we'll see.  There was even talk of the possibility that our great state would have to declare bankruptcy.

What a legacy that would be.


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