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Guns, Guns, Guns...

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Guns are in the news, and seemingly have been in the news forever and a day.  There are several things at work here, in my opinion.


First, the Milwaukee Police Chief's dump on Badger Guns seems unnecessary and particularly vindictive.  If they are selling to felons, shut them down.  If they are abiding by the laws that exist, leave them alone and/or change the law.  Badger Guns could, if it isn't already doing so, video the entire transaction, in every case, along with copying all identification and capture of the records of items sold along with serial numbers.  That would provide a historic reference for law enforcement in the case of so called "straw buyers" who purchase guns in their name and then hand them over to known felons.

The fact that, as the City Attorney said yesterday, 10% of the guns involved in crimes in the past five years were originally sold by Badger Guns is of no value at all.  It has long been known that guns are available to anyone who wants them on the black market.  Many are stolen and used for illicit purposes.  An age-old argument has held that banning guns will eliminate their use by the bad guys; that is a fictitious concoction.  All that will do is deprive law-abiding citizens of their right to own a gun and to defend themselves.

The City Attorney could help his own cause if he would prosecute every instance of gun possession by a known felon instead of throwing those charges away to gain a confession and avoid a trial.  The state could help by toughening the laws so far as the use of a gun in the commission of a crime.


The U. S. Supreme Court decided yesterday to hear another gun case, one of the ten cases it has elected from the 2,000 it reviewed for this term.  This case, it is opined, will go further to flesh out the decision in Heller made last year where the court found that it was illegal for a more stringent standard to be employed by the District of Columbia than was already prescribed for Federal jurisdictions.  Some say that is the federal standard only and others feel it should be broadly applied.

The case to be heard, probably in January, will involve a case in Illinois and is seen as adding some clarity to last year's decision as to whether or not that decision was applicable only to federal jurisdictions.


Maybe through all this noise, we'll ultimately learn what, if anything, the state Attorney General's pronouncement on open carry will really mean from a day-to-day point of view.


Wisconsin could also "bite the bullet", so to speak, and become a concealed carry state as are 48 other states today.


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