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Elitist Justice?

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Roman Polansky is accused of raping a thirteen year-old girl some 31 years ago and became a fugitive from U.S. justice almost immediately after the alleged act.  The testimony of this young lady before a Grand Jury described the most depraved and disgusting actions that she said were committed against her person and her psyche.  He has avoided coming onto U.S. soil since that time.  His unwillingness to face justice would seem an indictment of him that speaks very loudly.

This former Hollywood director seemed not to suffer at all as the result of this alleged transgression and continues to be the darling of those whom we are to worship if we are at all 'normal' people.  After all, if Whoopi thinks they're great people, who are we to think otherwise.  Apparently the elite have already convicted him since Whoopi said this "wasn't really a rape rape" as she held sway on television yesterday.  That was apparently her way of justifying his absence in a court of law for the past 31 years.

Mr. Polansky was finally apprehended in Switzerland and is now facing extradition to the U.S. unless  his high-powered legal people can head that move off 'at the pass'.  This apprehension could've occurred many times over the past 31 years, but enforcement seems to sometimes turn a blind eye when 'famous' people are involved.

The differing brands of justice have always intrigued me.  There seems one brand of justice for the elites and another for the rest of us.  The elites appear ofttimes to be above the law.  There are numerous instances of selective enforcement of justice.

I am appalled that there are those who would attempt to justify the actions of this person.  I am appalled that there seems no public price to be paid for such attempts to justify the acts alleged, and I am appalled that so many of the elite seem to turn a blind eye on one of their own.

It is things such as this that threaten the legal foundation upon which our country is maintained; justice must be blind and it must be delivered uniformly.  And, Polansky must be compelled to stand trial, finally, so that we can learn whether he is guilty as charged or if he was merely the victim of circumstance.


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