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Networks In The Bag...

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I have been a viewer of the Fox cable network for some time, which likely comes as no surprise to regular readers of this blog.  I had come to find that there was no difference between CBS and NBC and ABC other than the names and sex of the anchors.  What passed for news had been homogenized and sanitized to apparently enable me, an ignorant member of society since I am a conservative, to comprehend the world around me. It was and is pablum for the mind.

Had I any doubts, the week-end's news cycle would've been sufficient to convince me all over again.  President Obama was everywhere and what passed for tough questioning was pathetic.  When the anchors and other talking heads are more concerned with maintaining their favored status than with what passes for news, we might as well curl up in the corner and snooze.  The fact that President Obama stiffed Fox said much about the media today.

Had I any doubts, the Fox show on Sunday featuring the president of ACORN would've helped solidify that the networks are bereft of real news.  She was so disingenuous and so lacking in specific response to the questions raised that she completed, for me, the process of determining that ACORN is probably the same the country over.  The questions raised were met with canned responses no matter that the canned responses had no bearing on the questions.  The woman wouldn't look at people in the eye, and instead stayed focused on the camera that was looking her in the face even though it wasn't the 'feed' camera.  This woman should've been embarrassed, but she was on a mission to continue to protect and defend her presidency and to protect what many of us have come to understand is a political tool of the far left.  If Congress relents and continues to recognize ACORN, every member who votes in that manner deserves to be brought up on charges of conspiracy against the country.  That our President Obama was connected with this organization just a few years ago, should also provide cause for concern and should be sufficient to make every citizen mindful that trust is a day to day thing for politicians.  If we forget that, or choose to ignore that, then shame on us.

This, coupled with the absence of anything on the three 'major' networks about ACORN following the expose' videos released one day at a time a week or so ago, showed once and for all that the alphabetically-identified networks are simply non-news organizations any longer.  They are part of the Obama cult that worships the very ground on which he trods.  Anything remotely contrary to what he says or espouses is simply not going to make its way to the viewing public.  The ACORN story was out for at least three full days before the first recognition of that story happened anywhere but Fox.  Charlie Gibson even said that he wasn't familiar with the story during his morning interview with an affiliate radio station in Chicago.  He opined that that 'kind of news' was better left to the "cable" outlets.

Even though the network people tried valiantly to come across as real journalists, they fell sadly short of that goal.  Whether that is their fault individually, or is simply the result of what they've been instructed to do by their behind-the-scenes handlers, the end-result is the same.  They are a sorry excuse for what we used to know as journalists.  They are not Walter Cronkites nor even Tom Brokaws.  They are simply people who sit in front of the camera and read news written so as to keep us 'unwashed' in the dark to be grown like mental mushrooms with a little manure dumped upon us from time-to-time.

And, finally, if we dare to think something they've not told us to think, we are a dangerous bunch of rabble that threaten the very fabric of our society.  And, they remind us that we ought to be ashamed of our actions.

I do not know where this all is leading us in a specific sense, but I am very concerned as to the unknown destination to which we're being herded.


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