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Si vis pacem, para bellum...

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This phrase in Latin translates to:  If you wish for peace, prepare for war.

Our current Administration is in the process of changing programs and policies to more clearly represent its positions.  That happens when new administrations are promoted to office in our country.  This was to be expected, and yet it is troublesome for me, and I suspect for tens of millions of others here and abroad.

We are abandoning the missile defense program that had seen billions of our dollars invested and which was showing signs of operational effectiveness.  We are reneging on pacts that the previous administration made with allies abroad, to the point where we must be seen as something less than a dependable friend.

We are ignoring present dangers in the Middle East that show all indications of manifesting into outright war between Iran and Israel, even as we have essentially abandoned Israel.  We are following the road of appeasement and so-called diplomacy with Iran that is being taken as the indication that we've lost any will we may have had to fight to keep Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

There are those, and many it seems, who would argue that we have no right to interfere with Iran's internal policies, etc., etc.  We were part of the initial group that created the United Nations only to sit back and watch as its original missions were discarded in the race to appeasement worldwide.

I understand that I have preached repeatedly that elections have consequences, and I further understand that "my side" lost.  That does not, however, make me any the less concerned about our nations role, or lack of a role, in the affairs of the world in which we are the most powerful citizen.  Does our power not mandate its application to maintain peace on earth?  Or, are we simply to float on the ocean of life on earth as flotsam with no interest in the direction of the currents?

Si vis pacem, para bellum.  Remember that through the coming few years.


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