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Village Buzz - September 15th...

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Mel Ewert Recovering From Surgery...

According to Village President Tom Kempinski, who last evening said he wasn't supposed to mention this, Mel Ewert is recovering from surgery in Community Memorial Hospital.  Kempinski described the surgery as "open heart" although that can mean many different things since it has become a common descriptor for any heart-related surgery.

Our best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery go out to him.  Ewert sits on the Village Board and is also a County Supervisor.


Blackburn Follow-up...

Since the last blog item concerning Jim Blackburn's position change, I have heard from and talked with different people who represent the range of opinion based upon their personal experience.

There are those who are very strong supporters and who believe that Blackburn received a "raw deal" from the school board and administration.  Supporters talk about the lack of notice concerning his performance and the impending move.  They say that Blackburn was responsible for improvements in the high school and that he was effective so far as his interpersonal relationships.

Those who are not Blackburn supporters discuss the fact that he did receive a "Notice of Non-Renewal" as did all those who were involved.  They talk about him having his small child watched by administrative staff personnel at the high school when he brought the child to work with him.  They refer to an "almost Jekyll and Hyde" nature where he could seemingly go from one extreme to another in short order.  They talk about the change for the better following his re-assignment.

The non-supporters feel that his claim of age discrimination is unwarranted and simply a play to gain some kind of financial settlement, while his supporters feel he was discriminated against and deserves re-reinstatement to his old position.

I should also point out that there are both supporters and detractors in the represented classes, so this is not purely a "union thing" or a "non-union thing" from my perspective.


Street Light Destruction...

The Germantown Police Department has asked for citizen help so far as the explosive device that was used to essentially destroy a street light at the corner of Thornapple and Preserve Parkway.

Citizens who have any information are asked to contact the department.  Even if you're not sure of what you saw or heard, information you have may well be of help in the solving of this case.  Police Department investigators often end up putting tiny pieces of information into a context that ultimately leads to the solution of the crime. 

The apparent power of the device employed is cause for concern since people could've been seriously injured if they found themselves at that corner about 3:30AM that morning.  These acts are not just harmless pranks even though that may've been the motivation.


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