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County Line Road Closed July 29th...

The money for County Line Road (Hwy Q) re-construction has obviously been pulled together and the construction begins on Monday, July 29th.  The last time I looked, about a week ago, it sure didn't look as though the Pilgrim Road re-construction between Hwy 41 & County Line Road was anywhere near finished.

There is going to be a significant amount of disruption as the result of both projects being active during the same time period unless I miss my guess.  The traffic load on County LIne Road has been much greater as the result of the Pilgrim Road project.


Presidential Approval Index Down...

The Rasmussen Poll, which produces the Presidential Approval Index, shows the index yesterday standing at -12%.  That means that 28% strongly approve of the president and 40% strongly disapprove of the president.  This is the lowest point for Obama since he took office and is a continuation of the downward trend.

Rasmussen uses the same group of poll responders for this regular review and those people are classified as likely voters.  That is, supposedly, a better indicator of the shifts, if any, in approval and disapproval percentages since this body of people are responding periodically showing changes they perceive as individuals.


Notice A Change In The Health Debate Positioning?

President Obama has dropped the use of the phrase "health care reform" and has substituted the phrase "health insurance reform" over the past week in certain public meetings.  The polls were apparently showing him that his position using the "health care" framing had slipped.  He needs someone or something to blame so that has now become "health insurance".  A new bogeyman might get his program back on the rails after a fairly disastrous 7 to 10 days.


The Curmudgeon Blog today is titled "For What Does AARP Stand?".

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