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Mile Wide And An Inch Deep?

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The rapidly changing political landscape seems to be telling us that President Obama's support is a mile wide and an inch deep.  The issue of health care appears to be lagging even as Obama presses for passage with every tactic at his disposal.

A recent Rasmussen poll shows that 78% of voters believe that the Democrat health plan will mean higher taxes on the middle class as well as the rich.

A Washington Post/ABC News poll from July 20th shows that Obama's approval ratings have slipped below 50% for the first time since his election.  Those registering approval amounted to 49% while those disapproving stood at 44%.

It seems there are two major reasons for this changing scene:  the economy and the health care reform effort have both taken Obama's ratings down as more people come to understand both issues.

It is imperative that us voters continue to let our positions be known every chance we get.  Our state's senators, Kohl and Feingold, are pretty much assured of re-election but they do need to know what you want and what you don't want.  Our congressman, Jim Sensenbrenner, is among the most conservative people in Washington so, if you have conservative leanings, he is already virtually assured to vote as you want him to vote.

The pace with which Obama's desires are being pushed have apparently gotten more and more people concerned.  They seem to be saying that, if these things have to be passed so quickly, maybe we 'd better slow down a bit and take time to better understand what is being pushed.

Each day brings a new revelation about what we'd experience or sacrifice with the health care bills being pushed by the Obama Administration.  Things we were promised wouldn't happen are plainly included in the bills.  Things we thought were going to be there, aren't.  Many of us simply can't bring ourselves to follow politics closely enough to stay current, but we all seem to be finally recognizing there are some things going on that seem a bit out of balance.

Quite simply, the Obama Administration is pushing too much at us, doing it too quickly, and not giving us honest  answers when we ask questions.  That is the way to lose political capital more quickly than most would've estimated.

The changes being proposed are among the most important changes ever proposed in our lifetimes, and the idea that they have to be rammed through without lawmakers even knowing what is in the bills is simply more than most of us can understand.  If these ideas are so good, surely a few more weeks or months of debate will do no harm.

And those who would have us think otherwise are not being truthful with us.


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